Services at Unicamp


Administration of agreements

The Foundation's main activity is the management of agreements. FUNCAMP acts as an intervenient in several agreements that UNICAMP celebrates with public and private institutions, being responsible for the administrative and financial management of resources, as well as other activities necessary to make feasible the work plan agreed upon by the participants.

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Warehouse Management

Since 1995 FUNCAMP has been supporting the University in the management of some of its warehouses. The activity began with the warehouses of Hospital de Clínicas and currently covers the management of the Central Warehouse of UNICAMP, as well as the warehouses of the Hemocentro and the Faculty of Dentistry of Piracicaba. The management process comprises actions in the material inventory areas, including organization, control, receipt, storage, distribution and planning. This activity was certified NBR-ISO 9001 in April 2008.


Meal and pantry

FUNCAMP provides support to the Campus City Hall in the catering services and in the production of meals that are served to the university community and its invited visitors at the University Restaurant; Saturnino's Restaurant; Refectory of Administration; Refectory of Hospital de Clínicas; and children and adolescents of DEDIC: Division of Early Childhood and Complementary Education.


Casa do Professor Visitante

Built by FUNCAMP within a conception that could meet the needs of Unicamp, the Board of Trustees created a project to build a space to offer a lodging and food service to the entire academic community and its visitors. This is the CPV - Visiting Professor's House.

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