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Fundação de Desenvolvimento da Unicamp - FUNCAMP, instituted on May 31, 1977, by resolution of the then Governing Council of the State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, based in Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, is a private and with their institutional objectives oriented towards providing support to UNICAMP.

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The main activity of the Foundation is the management of agreements where it acts as an intervener in agreements signed between UNICAMP and public and private institutions, being responsible for the administrative and financial management of resources, as well as for the other activities necessary to make feasible the agreed work plan between the participants. This activity consists of acquiring goods and services contracting, as well as personnel required to execute agreements.

In addition, the Foundation carries out secondary activities in support of UNICAMP, such as the production of meals, administration of warehouses and security services, for the protection and preservation of university assets. The Foundation also counts on the CPV - House of the Visiting Professor - lodging for researchers and lecturers from other universities, which has a restaurant and accommodation sized to serve up to 200 people.

To assist UNICAMP in its development and commitment to society, acting with excellence and respecting ethical, moral and legal principles.
FUNCAMP is a modern institution, renowned for its excellence, present in the development of Unicamp, acting with agility and efficiency, being a national reference.
FUNCAMP fulfills its mission obeying the following principles: honesty, respect for the individual, commitment and ethics, and always seeks to work dynamically and effectively.

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